Culture and Laws

As we focus on the affects of children before and after divorce, we must look at how society and laws continue to treat men as minimized parents, which greatly affect our children. It’s time to change culture and help our children. Children do best when both parents are involved equally and they will see both parents equal at home and work. And, women will benefit greatly!
How many TV shows have depicted fathers as “idiots” that were very popular and defined fatherhood in our culture? What to name a few? Home Improvement, Married with Children, The Simpsons.
But, we will give kudos to the TV industry for advancing women empowerment and believe that needs to continue. But let’s not do it at the expense of men and children! Can we have a society where we are truly equal. As former Justice Ginsburg stated in 1993, almost 30 years ago, “I thought, ‘This is my dream of the way the world should be.’ When fathers take equal responsibility for the care of their children, that’s when women will truly be liberated,”
Equal Shared Parenting Reduces the Pay Gap
“One of the primary factors contributing to the failure of these highly skilled women to reach the tops of their professions and earn equal pay is that top jobs in fields such as law and business require longer workweeks and penalize taking time off. This would have a disproportionately large effect on women who continue to bear the lion’s share of domestic and child-rearing responsibilities.”