16 Arguments for Equal Shared Parenting

Dr. Edward Kruk Ph.D., specializing in child and family policy shares the 16 arguments for shared parenting

  1. Shared parenting preserves children’s relationships with both parents
  2. Shared parenting preserves parents’ relationships with their children
  3. Shared parenting decreases parental conflict and prevents family violence
  4. Shared parenting reflects children’s preferences and views about their needs and best interests
  5. Shared parenting reflects parents’ preferences and views about their children’s needs and best interests
  6. Shared parenting reflects child caregiving arrangements before divorce
  7. Shared parenting enhances the quality of parent-child relationships
  8. Shared parenting decreases parental focus on “mathematizing time” and reduces litigation
  9. Shared parenting provides an incentive for inter-parental negotiation, mediation and the development of parenting plans
  10. Shared parenting provides a clear and consistent guideline for judicial decision-making
  11. Shared parenting reduces the risk and incidence of parental alienation
  12. Shared parenting enables enforcement of parenting orders, as parents are more likely to abide by an equal parental responsibility order
  13. Shared parenting addresses social justice imperatives regarding protection of children’s rights
  14. Shared parenting addresses social justice imperatives regarding parental authority, autonomy, equality, rights and responsibilities
  15. The discretionary best interests of the child / sole custody model is not empirically supported
  16. A rebuttable legal presumption of shared parenting responsibility is empirically supported

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